IRENA, through GREIN, is pooling knowledge and sharing best practices to accelerate the uptake of clean and cost-effective renewable energy on islands and reduce reliance on costly fossil fuel. GREIN, has interest clusters on roadmaps, grid integration, tourism, resource assessment, waste-to-energy, and desalination.

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IRENA, through GREIN, is showing the business case for renewables in island hotels. Options include solar hot water for showers, solar chillers and sea water cooling systems for air conditioning, and photovoltaic rooftops for electricity.

Island Setting and Projects

Island lighthouses point the way for renewable energy transition on islands through a mix of political commitment, market opening, planning, capacity building and other supportive measures.


Roadmaps define optimal pathways to achieve policy targets and quantify their implications. IRENA is assisting island countries in developing roadmaps for the transition to renewable energy. IRENA, through GREIN, is sharing roadmaps developed for islands around the world.


Many islands face a critical shortage of fresh water and so must desalinate seawater. GREIN is assessing renewable desalination at island scale.

Waste to Energy

IRENA, through GREIN, is evaluating cost-effective options for islands to turn organic waste into locally generated electricity.

Resource Assessment

IRENA, through GREIN, is developing guidelines for wind resource measurement that islands can use to show the likely output and revenue from pilot wind power projects and get such projects financed.

Grid Integration

IRENA, through GREIN, is sharing grid stability studies which show that islands can use a much higher share of renewable power while keeping service reliable. It also supports training to install and maintain renewable power properly.